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Basic Math EP

by Primavera Vills

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This EP will lead up to the album "Solid Gold Arithmetic". Feel free to donate if you enjoy the music. In the end, everything will add up.


released October 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Primavera Vills Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'm Uncle Chuck Musto, the Trayb God. When you download a project, be sure to make the genre "100% Trayb" in your iTunes.

Trayb is a way of life.

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Track Name: Basic Math (Prod. Hannibal King)
Yo yo, what it is class? Don't talk, nigga, raise your hand.
Heard niggas say they hate me though, 'cause I take it slow, but I make it fast.
I don't know what you take me as, I'm tryin' to make this cash.
Coughin' like Walter White when I'm breakin' bad. Learnin' from mistakes I had.
Even in a dash, can't escape the past. Temporary stint when I blaze the grass.
All of these events helped make the man, and I learned from the best so I thank my dad.
...with his crazy ass. Never wanted me to be a lazy bastard.
When you doin' good, do better. Never let 'em catch you sweat, be the best and just make it last.
Even if a nigga hatin' on me blatantly, I'ma come and make him mad.
Just look 'em in the face and laugh, lookin' like he just ate the ass.
Hide it in a paper bag, you probably pay for vag. Callin' me weird
With a healthy beard, you got a rapist stache with a face of glass that can break in half
With amazing graphics slash Satan's magic. Decorate your casket with a Jason mask.
Now you see me, but you ain't as fast, like Peyton Manning tryin' to race the Flash.
As I paint the pad, other dummies lookin' for a place to crash.
If you ain't got the grades to pass, don't be late to class. This is Basic Math.
Track Name: Easy With The Questions [What You Need] Feat. B. White (Prod. M-Pyre)
Woke up with my mind on this money, thumbin' fifty-nine $50s
On Exchange Way, hundreds now. Kick the grind quickly as I
Skate off with yesterday's sunset with dumb stress.
I'm off it now. Munch the lung breakfast with the Grape Ape.
A safe place to blaze an eighth and get the day started.
With my eyes through some new sights, but still the same target.
If I miss, change cartridges. No Partridge Family awkwardness.
I start some shit and pause it, then rewind it with the heart to risk it all.
Two-timin' slime gods gettin' darker with the fall.
Spring ahead, broad daylight. Pay the piper.
Used to be the hyper type and never got stage fright.
Still the same nigga...little more laid back.
Barely Pat Sajak, the rappin' team captain.
Jack of all trayb in Pirate hats. Battin' at a rack.
Mad walk offs. Crack your knees tryin' to match the speed
When I talk. Boss facts 'cause I rap and know Japanese.
Not to mention Spanish, after fuckin' with these amateurs.
The question that I'm askin' 'em is "What you need?"

You can look me in the face, if you need directions
I can put you in your place. Go Easy With The Questions.

Got me feelin' like the Kendrick Lamar of the Steel City.
Friends of Biz ain't friends with Jafar. Not many enemies I know of.
I show love until it's reflected.
Then use the different tools to write from different perspectives.
From lecture to electives. I bless this shit. Second guess
Estimate. I perfect the test no sweat and shit.
I just D-O I-T. Nike fetish.
High price of healthy wealth, I multiplied a slice of lettuce.
I'm off the web bitin' heads off. Hometown
Bettis thru the ribs con red sauce. A Low Down
Dirty Shame. Bilderberg [Build-A-Burgh] construction paved a new lane.
Every other day, I got a new name. Frame of mind
Borderline insane. I never wore my glasses to class.
A closed case past basket.
Well above average in math, the questions always get answered
Rather fast when they askin' me "What you need?"

You can look me in the face, if you need directions
I can put you in your place. Go Easy With The Questions.

[B. White] Check it. Open the gate, let me flood it out.
I call Vills, fill the order, what your budget 'bout?
'Cause we can bring 'em in, and then we run 'em out.
You see we run the Burgh. What the discussion 'bout?
I kill 'em slow 'til the boy get a mil' a show.
At any point if you violate, then it's still a go.
And fall back 'fore that all black Mac
With the potato hit your Cadillac. Relax, I can peel it slow.
58'd. Try to copy and emulate it.
Demonstrated it ain't possible to replicate it.
I get paper, hater. I never hesitated.
I had it all and lost it, I was devastated.
Crawled back on them cronies that said I'd never make it.
I call the shots now, the block's now designated.
My money levitated...boy that's sky high.
So salute to the captain when you ride by.
And then leave me the fuck alone. Please just leave me the fuck alone.

You can look me in the face, if you need directions
I can put you in your place. Go Easy With The Questions
Track Name: Let Me Find Out (Prod. Jaisu)
Niggas come liver than nude shows.
Hugo Boss flow like Goku multiplied by Tuco.
That good mix, broken 'til it's down bad.
Bags with no wood sticks. Runaways trippin', just found land.
You could misunderstand, but fam I don't give a fuck.
P. Vills for prez, baby, home of the trayb.
Check the force though. Battalion action phone the brigade.
Shit been gettin' out of hand if I was holdin' grenades.
Could've swore I had a moment with Jade...hold up, pardon.
Hardy-harrin' in my mind. Now it's back to business.
Love interest nonexistent, miss don't risk it.
I let these bitches go quicker than Christmas biscuits.
The recipes don't lie, the numbers died tryin'
From a get rich quick scheme with 50 cent pop machines.
Thirsty. Way before The Weeknd hit a whole day.
Baldilocks Six...apologies, Pac, it's twisted.
Smooth off my licorice kick. But keep a candy cane
Clutch. Eavesdroppers couldn't understand the slang much.
Yeah we on the same boat. Monochrome detail.
Black and white sacrifice, Griggs and Captain Price.
Bulletshowers save soap, dough be foamin' post-resell.
Outlandsih V-12, it's not a thing about race.
These boys ride around with choppers like Trixie.
Them Dixie Cup cowboys, babies grip sippies.
Catch me laid back in the mix with big titties in my face bouncin'.
Stationed out in Space Mountain.
Niggas wouldn't think I had stress.
Bringin' Butterfingers when I'm thrown breaks I can't catch...hand up a blouse.
My mom told me keep plants in the house. My asthmatic demands
Just turned a gram to an ounce. I branched out.
Cash avalanche of massive amounts.
You're assed out if you can't count [I will find out].
Yo, let me find out my term paper wordplay
Could make a nerd turd from a self-assessed survey.
Velvety skin, I come for tablecloth per se.
Learnin' curve graded absurd, I earned my surname.
You heard it first.
I'm so trayb I created new words that the people in the Burgh say.
Dirt never hurt, rock a clean shirt and jeans from last Thursday.
Holy fuck, I found a $20. Check the mating call.
Played the cards right, Nevada never had such a gambler.
Fuckin' panhandler's pants, they can't handle this.
A block away from Oakland Ave., I smashed Pamela's.
Damage to the coffee cans, not a chance in hell.
Vills pre-enact the rapture. I'm actually not a rapper.
Matter fact, go back to my old shit. I told niggas
That the cold beef medallions molded from a gold brick.
Hide your crown. Clown.
Track Name: Bootleg Radio (Prod. StewRat)
Watch him off top, jaws dropped to the floor recordin' it.
Attention like a toll, and most niggas can't afford this shit.
Borderline gorgeous in the floral print bucket hat
From Florida Orange, peelin' off. Go door to door with the sunburn.
No block can stop me, I'm too hot. And I'm a lot cockier in August
Probably 'cause my daughter is my concern maximus.
Willin' to smack a bitch for her.
Crack back, overreaction disorder, but not me.
I plots the scene before it actually happens
From all angles, Bob Backlund of rappin'. Spectacular.
Hardback books look matte black. Dusty head
Pig pen pals for life. It bites to write Dracula.
Out of touch is how I keep it, no sleep.
Hall and Oates with the wrong approach. Weekend shows cheaper.
Theater seats, I throws the feet. Rest 'em like
Easter's right around the 90. Find me scoopin' sand off the beach.

Take control with it. Everybody see the team keep on winnin'.
Sippin' somethin', puffin', just chillin'.
Visions get eclipsed, we're flippin' Jerome Simpson.
Niggas quit trippin'.
Livin' life is somethin' like the shoe game,
And we ain't really fuckin' with them bootlegs.

Yo this shit is gettin' too authentic.
See the price rise drastically. Askin' me to lead the heist.
It's like, no blasphemy, but Jesus Christ be checkin' out my flow
Like ayo his schemes is nice.

Lost in the breeze from the window, tell me where did you go.
I see the change in the leaves, but it's gone when the wind blows.
Tell me where did you go.

Love to see them broads who be out joggin' in the sports bras or the tank tops.
'Cause my mind resides on the roof just catchin' raindrops.
Titman. Dome goin' chrome flavor Hitman.
Long ways from home, use the boner as a kickstand.
When I'm not alone in the zone, I don't blink.
Victim of the lust, Uncle Must knows.
Plus they don't reflect much from out of my eyes I don't think.
Misplaced on an island drinkin' while the time ain't accounted for by nobody.
Track Name: Mirror Match (Prod. Spacecamp)
Watch out, I'm on the sticks. Adversaries fallin' off the list.
Plus I breezed through a few of them bitches with Flawless Vics.
It's no secret, if I speak it, I believe it on the strength of that shelf.
Through all the hell, I learned to fend for myself.
Just check the belts, they hold mad weight. Not the bad.
Gladly lend a hand to shake the landscape. Let's cut to the chase.
A piece of cake batter pancake was on display.
A living earned an honest way. And trayb is on its way to the crib.
Finished with the Christmas shoppin', wouldn't had picked a different option
If I had a chance. Shorthand Legend of Bagger Vance.
I was mappin' out demands. Makin' plans from the pants.
Businessman stance, revolution dance times two.
She came through like "Hey boo"
The things I had on my mind, I need Jesus. In due time.
But for now, I'm like "Get over here" with harpoon jaws.
Let's set it off with this cartoon logic. Pressed pause
'Cause she brought a friend along. Tag teamin' off the high endurance
Introduced her to D with Tribbiani "How you doin'" intent.
We took the piff and ripped it in the living room
The sounds of snow fallin', call it Winter's Tune.
Beautiful as music played in my brain. The fattest blunt walkin'
Talk about some cold frozen motherfuckers.
Uppercutted Toasty. Roastin' under the covers and cozy.
Ayo it's like you must not know me. Musto.
Dumped the guts from double Dutches, what the fuck's jump rope?
Head attached cutthroat, then dunked it at Palumbo.
This white hat rockin' nigga Cuntlos. His son made Training Day.
Morning breath, wake up and smell the gunsmoke.
Both of us was used to Rufus, euphemisms for the raw.
One kid each, but she ain't coughin' up the drawls easy.
It's damn near 3, I still gotta cook.
I promised breakfast at night, and honestly I'm off the books.
I went downstairs, pissin' and forgot my fuckin' mission.
At the time, I had wisdom tellin' me to hit the kitchen.
And this nigga in the mirror started starin' back for twenty minutes.
Talkin' to him. No funny business, now I'm trippin' like
"I'd rather be Cyclops before I torture myself with these eyedrops."
I did it anyway. Memories of Hemingways through the halls stumblin',
I mumbled to myself "Boy, you're fumblin'."
Now I got the goodies out. Felt my phone buzzin' through the hoody pouch.
My brain was en fuego. Shame I had to put it out.
Another twenty minutes past, I should've had a good amount done.
But I was still stuck on pancake number one.
So D took over so I wouldn't fold.
Went back to Sassy Love, whatever flame we had, it was good and cold.
We all ate, scraped the plates and that was that.
When she left, we both hugged, but she never came back. Fuck.
Track Name: Ice Bandolier (Prod. Ta-ku)
Peep the scandal, chillin' in the crib.
Bedroom scented weed and candles. Feels like I'm choppin' up a sample
From real life. She looked me in the eye like "Ry, why don't you like me?
Don't deny your wifey gets shat on.
I know you, and I listen to your rap songs.
You spin 'em, make 'em rotate. No debate, it shouldn't take that long.
I'ma make you love me." That's what she said to me.
I think she on that Senzu bean, so yo I had to be
The Anchorman, Burgundy forecast. Metaphoric blood lust
Rush to report spam. Of course she got the kitchen all funky and shit.
I'm tryin' to drown it out.
Cuppin' Campbell's chunkiest tits, I skipped soup mix.
Two sixteens split to Centre Ave. past Schenley.
Lookin' like I invented math, don't ass-kiss me.
Trayb God had a passion for disciples.
Done seen 'em backstabbed and left stranded with the title of
Rifle Toter Pro. No negotiations.
Head blown on its own, but the sniper stole the show.
Newly acquired license on the road, cobblestone.
When she asked to stay the night, I thought twice, and told her no.
The ice was thin as fuck from the rip.
She got me one up on a nut, but enough of this bitch. Outfit thrower.
Hold up, I missed which suit was led after the birthday.
It shouldn't had even happened like that in the first place.
I'm slippin'. Hair trigger grippin', nothin' slick about it.
Haunted house halls gettin' crowded.
Dallas dickin' down Debbie cakes. Left arm levitated
Heavy weights. Missed the registration for the eight-pack.
Mirror Johnny Cage match, stainless via Ajax.
Bathtime Boogie Nights, heist got the safe snatched.
Didn't want to chase, but the taste had a kick.
Somethin' about this last name is just great as it gets.
Here thinkin' shit is extra sweet, love got a bad name,
Framed 'cause the flesh was weak. I won't speak further.
A little later, she left. I caught my breath until the next day.
Main Love hit me with a text like
"I'm so sorry that I lost my cool. It's like you don't care.
Pullin' out my hair tryin' to talk to you.
I'm outside, could you let me in?"
The wind blowin' off the window like let's begin the ending.
I went down, opened the door and told her she's forgiven.
Committin' sins that didn't need a mention.
She came in for a hug, the bloodhound nose smelled another scent from above.
I'm fucked now.
Wanted so much to rat the truth...
But I kept my mouth shut 'cause she ain't got no proof.
But yo, she came in suspicious. Threw a fit of rage through the dishes.
Lipstick chillin' in the kitchen.
Told her she was trippin'...little did I know,
The little hoe took a picture of us chillin'.
Somehow got my girl's number and she sent it to her.
Now she's breakin' down cryin'. I admit it to her. Damn.
Who would've thought a day could change so much?
Yesterday, I wasn't thinkin' 'bout the trayb so much. Sheeit.
Now she's left hangin', Crystal Lake chandelier.
Pawn shop of sadness, the sash was ice bandolier.
Track Name: Life's A Bitch (Prod. Brandun DeShay)
They say "Life's a bitch," I said "It must be."
Succeed when I'm in it nuts deep like fuck sleep.
How could I ever trust you if I don't trust me?
Sometimes I think it's just me.
But sightseein' with this bitch got me convinced she's too troubled.
But I think I love her, know a little better through the struggles I survived.
9 to 5s back to 9s with few huddles
Just to run the other way to make a play. Smooth and subtle.
Muscle memory. Livin' for the long term.
First takin' shorts and losses hostage, took a wrong turn.
What's worse is that this bitch keeps the purse in the pit. Think she's the shit.
Three cent tender cease to exist.
I love it when you show your good side, I put pride high.
Hypnotized by those little lies your eyes told me earlier.
We could've seen the world, and you seemed a lot girlier.
Shit, you glossed diamonds off a turtle shell.
Serve a double presidential term in jail, visions of German Hell.
With no bail, and door to door service like murder mail.
Tossin' and turnin' in a sleeper cell feels like
That 25 and up type, dealin' with real life and

Life's a bitch, I said it must be.
Succeed when I'm in it nuts deep, like fuck sleep.
How could I ever trust you if I don't trust me?
Sometimes I think it's just me, but then they tell me
"Life's a bitch" I said "It must be."
Succeed when I'm in it nuts deep like fuck sleep.
How could I ever trust you if I don't trust me?
Sometimes I think it's just me.

Don't even try to hold my hand yo. I goes commando.
Bad plannin' made this family man turn Rambo.
No mercy rule for Lambeau. Leap to the stands.
I hope the fans could keep me up, but life just reached for my pants.
Yo why the fuck you keep playin' with me?
I'm tryin' to be a better person, but you're sayin' to me
It's not worth the perpetration 'cause you search for hate to make a statement.
Love gettin' taken advantage of, but hate to say it.
You took mad souls, and lost 'em 'cause they wait for placement.
Still cuffin', bitch breakin' bracelets. Or the band.
Disassemble weak links becomin' more of a man.
Wanted to send my landlord to the lord of the land,
But that was old news. Still life's a bitch I don't trust.
Lillian Lust fucked it up, bitin' bits from the dust.
Microscopic off topic, you gotta pay homage and a consequence.
And use condom sense with that bitch.

Life's a bitch, I said it must be.
Succeed when I'm in it nuts deep, like fuck sleep.
How could I ever trust you if I don't trust me?
Sometimes I think it's just me, but then they tell me
"Life's a bitch" I said "It must be."
Succeed when I'm in it nuts deep like fuck sleep.
How could I ever trust you if I don't trust me?
Sometimes I think it's just me.
Life's a bitch, I said it must be.
Succeed when I'm in it nuts deep, like fuck sleep.
How could I ever trust you if I don't trust me?
Sometimes I think it's just me, but then they tell me
"Life's a bitch" I said "It must be."
Succeed when I'm in it nuts deep like fuck sleep.
How could I ever trust you if I don't trust me?
Sometimes I think it's just me.
Track Name: Bad Champion (Prod. Primavera Vills)
Ayo, they paid this boy not to snitch. Rainin' shots
Since Peja Stojakovic compared to Erin Brockovich in halter tops.
Poltergeist jaw dropper, powerbomb slaughter.
Sorry Sargent, but I got a daughter. Pardon me.
Coronary arteries partyin' to R & B lethargically.
I'm Barnabe Barnes, become a part of me. Seth method
Crystal clear, boss apartment. Often caught me sippin' beers.
Sittin' in these chairs with scents of piffmas in the air.
But then the blimp read EXHALE...still waitin' miserably.
The cloud spelled TRAYB in slick calligraphy.
Mississippi Jackson in the temple, slash Last Action Hero.
Simple math: carry that nine where the sun don't shine.
One time trigger finger reminders, that's inside the ropes.
Hogtied medicinal vagina dose behind the smoke.
Parallel charm could change a bitch's perception.
With legendary arms, and dangerous with these weapons.
Flexin' for Ms. pull them titties out
And stuff them bitches in my mouth, I don't bite. Sike naw.
Nightcrawler caught the blue balls. Beware of disapperain' acts from beatdowns.
You hear that? Bring the snare back.
I'm lovin' how you wear that. Smirkin' all shirtless
With the traction in my birthday boots, we goes to work.
Perfect landin' strip. Romancin' on some last dance shit.
Starrin' Chuckie the Chancellor, I autograph pamphlets.
Grown man antics. Grooveshark Basset hound Angela.
Well managed stamina. A tad damaged.
Where's your manager, gatdammit? Say my name.
I'd like to play a game, you ever see Saw?
Expansion on parameters. Ginger drippin' fresh, wetter than Canada.
Had the camera balanced on the dresser next to the piano.
Goin' deep as a hundred grand slams.
Canyon lampin', it's the last man standin'. The bad champion.
Track Name: Clutch Feat. The Come-Up (Prod. Spacecamp)
Shirtless in the winter, nigga no chill.
Who you know eat bowls of cold oatmeal gettin' domed up in Oak Hill?
Melon minus the n, my sinuses been clogged.
Genesis zip, Sonic the Hemphog with this Chem Dog.
Chronic with a big cough. I'm hittin' up this lick
That's thick enough to have a dick stiffer than limbs on a Ken doll.
High measured hype couldn't find a price better.
Buy it by the slice, never. Give me that box, and stop playin'.
I'm quite clever with the shot selection, put that rock in my hand.
And stop the second guessin', I'm a fuckin' legend.
Watch probably can't knock 'em down fourth quarter.
I ain't wearin' hockey pants, and poor sports report live courtside.
The squad got a horseback ride. I'm not surprised.
Survival horror, order Jordan with the forty-five.
More times than none, I gets it done under pressure.
Check the blood flow. Fuck chokin', Chuck Must Deluxe is too Clutch.

Instincts of a killer, I'm a junkie for the rush.
Put me under pressure, it'll never be enough.
Hopin' I'ma choke, you know I don't encourage such.
Don't make me blush. I said I'm Clutch.
Instincts of a killer, I'm a junkie for the rush.
Put me under pressure, it'll never be enough.
Hopin' I'ma choke, but I just don't give a fuck.
Nope. I said I'm Clutch.

[Franchise] Feelin' like the Akron Hammer in the paint of Game 7.
Testin' my luck for that second ring, the lane lookin' like heaven.
As I see it wide open, envision my game winner.
Vinny like Dwyane Wade, got instincts of a game killer.
So, imagine if I alley-oop, we punchin' on you niggas.
You gotta bring Durant's wingspan, and guard us quicker.
'Cause I'm well aware of that dish from Primavera V.
And yeah, we clean. My niggas hit your scene sharp as a parrot's beak.
Fly, so fly pigeons and pelicans be hatin'.
But still these birds throw the sex, and I take 'em out like we datin'.
Like this little thick thing I got from Bridgeville, she go both ways.
Ass so fat, when I hit it, gotta hold both legs.
Shocked me when she brought her girlfriend in one night to play though.
Them lips was somethin' like Drano, dick erupt like a volcano.
Now I'm up at 4 in the mornin', tryin' to get this weed in me.
Low stamina, but my niggas still finna meet me. That's Clutch.

Instincts of a killer, I'm a junkie for the rush.
Put me under pressure, it'll never be enough.
Hopin' I'ma choke, you know I don't encourage such.
Don't make me blush. I said I'm Clutch.
Instincts of a killer, I'm a junkie for the rush.
Put me under pressure, it'll never be enough.
Hopin' I'ma choke, but I just don't give a fuck.
Nope. I said I'm Clutch.

[Vinny Radio] Ayo it's Vincent. Clutch from the beginnin' til the last.
Send it pass niggas so fast, flash lenses can't capture 'em.
He's mad timid, the blast split 'em like I sent 'em thru a glass prism.
Cried with joy, then laugh at prison.
Mr. Persuasion, these chicks figure I'm playin'.
Let 'em sip the finest vintage grapes, but then bitch lick the raisins.
My age, my rage and my pay is growin'.
Only thing slowin' is my patience...know what I'm sayin'?
Rap in satin. Harmonize in velvet.
I fraternize with co-eds, and mortified the clerics.
I idolize DeNiro, but I'm from the era of kill your idol.
Each line a rifle at my hero.
Come multiply your ends, baby. You with that zero, I can change that.
Chiroprac Vin with the payback.
I'm alright with that, Benz or a Maybach. Still ain't meet one neither.
Or a nigga cleaner, boy that's Clutch.

Instincts of a killer, I'm a junkie for the rush.
Put me under pressure, it'll never be enough.
Hopin' I'ma choke, you know I don't encourage such.
Don't make me blush. I said I'm Clutch.
Instincts of a killer, I'm a junkie for the rush.
Put me under pressure, it'll never be enough.
Hopin' I'ma choke, but I just don't give a fuck.
Nope. I said I'm Clutch.
Track Name: Leavin' The World Behind (Prod. Jaisu)
Not a nann nigga challenge me.
Force it all the way to the courts for capped salary.
Why apply make up? Wake up to reality.
Tough to feel pity. Steel City mentality.
Mexican hat galaxy. I grilled Gomez's Hamburgers
Half murdered. Then burned calories to tossed salads.
Caesar's Palace celery choppers.
Traybraham's Law...what the fuck you tellin' me, copper?
No felonies. Proper noun, capital cased.
You clown around, and get smacked in your face.
Defeat tastes like shit, right? Live with it. Go to bed with it.
I dislike if Biz did it better for whatever reason.
But yo, hate just don't phase me. Shaky never.
Triple seven legend, Kevin Spacey.
Basically I made my own gates to heaven. Ironically I'd hate to tell you that I'm [Leavin' The World Behind]
Now it's two minutes after half past the Dead Hour.
Angel cake head count, doused from a lead shower.
Promote fluoride to tour guide in four days
With more change to brainstorm drains from a board game.
Hook it up gourmet. War with Tony Bourdain.
I peeled orange sorbet with wine from clean Vines.
I couldn't find my mind, I tried umpteen times
The way I slides inside the thighs of these 8-15-5s. I'm wildin'.
Meanwhile, I ain't hugged Brooklyn in three months.
So I ain't really worried 'bout these chumps.
The thing that matters most in this world is my little girl, and now I feel I'm [Leavin' The World Behind]
Her mom's opposite of gravity love.
I rocked a show, they whooped her ass in the club, that's not the drugs.
Break addiction to the drama. Multiply friction times trauma.
And not once I voted for Obama.
Palms got sauna hot, talk about Sonic droppin' the ball.
Another scene shot at the mall.
It's like I'd rather shop mom and pop. Fanci with the stanzas.
Hit with the questions, yo my family got the answers.
Was all a mess yesterday. With smoke, I blew the stress away.
Ready for whatever's up next, a lucky guess,
But I couldn't give a fuck less about much but success.
Extra tough testicles. Best gets the dust swept under the rug.
Another quest through the tunnel of love, sike.
I'm leavin' all that bullshit behind me.
Couldn't get a Lojack or GPS to find me...'cause I'm [Leavin' The World Behind]